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Irvine CA


Located in Soutern california, IDR neutrals are available to assist with dispute resolution anywhere in California

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Our rates are very competitive.  With far less overhead than many traditional ADR providers, our skilled and experienced mediators are available for a fraction of the cost many other ADR providers charge. At IDR Mediation Services, there are no irritating “case set up” or “admin fees.”  We don’t charge for cancellations or the often-substantial follow up work that goes into many of our assignments.


Special small case pricing:
Some smaller cases are difficult to settle but they have economics that make the use of a qualified mediator very challenging. To address that problem, in cases where the Plaintiff’s demand going in the mediation is less than $125,000, we will conduct a half-day mediation including pre-mediation preparation and phone calls for $1,600.  If the mediation lasts more than four (4) hours, the mediation can continue with time above the first 4 hours charged at the regular hourly rate of $495 per hour. 

Preparation Time:
Preparation time is included at no extra charge in connection with full or half-day matters.  

Drafting Mediator’s Proposals or Arbitration Awards:
Drafting proposals and awards is included at no extra charge in connection with full or half-day matters.



For more information, please contact:    
Case Administrator, Pam Daubert
2 Park Plaza, Suite 650, Irvine, CA 92614
Phone/Fax:  (949) 428-3108